Stencil It

Hello everyone! Just about time to catch up with my blog and with all my new followers, thank you guys for joining me.  😉

I think the pictures say it all. I basically can’t stop stenciling everything on my way.

Walls, floors, carpets, furniture, signs… and I haven’t got to cushions and curtains yet. I love it,  Chalk Paint™ is really the best to do stencils, the consistence and the drying time is ideal.  Working with stencils could end up in a mess very easy. Chalk Paint™ properties make it so easy to work on stencils.

I have used a sponge roller for all these stencils, keeping the amount of Chalk Paint™ to a minimum. It really works wonders.









on carpets  (for a temporal display)




I made the sign above in less than an hour, this is my new record.


At last but not least, I got really great news! We are moving to a new place, the beauty above is the plan of what is going to be my new shop in Copenhagen. Almost 100 m2 just for me and Chalk Paint™, the plan is from 1912, the shop layout is different today, more roomy.   I can’t wait to move and to show you this place transformation.

Keep it simple!




3 thoughts on “Stencil It

  1. I love your stencil with the architectural details. Can you tell me where you purchased it or what the name of the stencil design is? Thank You

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