Back to dark

People ask me where I buy second hand furniture. The truth is, in the last months, I haven’t bought a lot myself. Most of the furniture comes to me through friends and family. Today’s transformation is about a dresser that was standing outside a house with at sign saying ´take me I am for free´. A friend who passed the house, saw the furniture and the sign and called me straight away. She said: Adriana I found something I think you should have, you will definitely know what to do with it.  That day I was home, I was available and I was 7 minutes away from this furniture, so I jumped in the car …

A very simple dresser with a nice size! It was mine. I took it home and this is what happened…

I painted it in Amsterdam Green. I haven’t seen many pieces painted in Graphite or Amsterdam Green in the blogosphere, and I know why, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint offers a beautiful range of colours, so why should we go for Amsterdam Green of Graphite? Well here is my reason, those colours make any piece of old furniture look like a million.

Once the paint was completely dry  I sanded the furniture just to give it a soft finish without distressing it. At last I applied the wax, I chose dark wax to finish the furniture and to make the colour even darker.

The dresser was missing the keyhole in every drawer.  It wasn’t until I found 4 identical pieces of brass keyholes ( in a flee market ) that I could finally declare this furniture finished.

I hope you like it!!

Until next post ;)))





39 thoughts on “Back to dark

  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!! And, the keyholes were a great find, they complete it perfectly! I just recently heard of ASCP so I’m trying to learn about it and get ideas. This definitely inspires me! I have several of my own pieces of furniture that I am eyeing and would love to tackle! Thanks for sharing & inspiring! Any tips for a first-timer would be appreciated as well! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful project! I am so glad that I found your site. I’ve never used tinted wax before. I would like to know more information about the type of wax you used, whether it was a one-coat or multiple coat application and that sort of thing.

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  5. I am new to ASCP.I just bought it yesterday!I bought graphite,wax,and dark wax and of course the brushes.A bit of an investment,but after seeing your piece I feel better!I look forward to the magic of this paint.Thank you for sharing and your piece is gorgeous!!

  6. Love this. I know some day you should apply clear wax before dark wax. Is that what you did here, or did you cover it in dark wax only? Thanks!

    • Hi Carrie, I like using dark wax over Graphite or en this case over Amsterdam Green which is a very dark color. Annie recommends to use Clear Wax first alway. But I like making the dark colors darker by applying the Annie Sloan Dark wax right on. 🙂

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  8. Adriana- this dresser is beautiful! I have 3 or 4 projects on line and am considering ASCP for all of them (one is my front door). I was considering something like duck egg blue for a dresser, but now you have me swayed. Enjoying your blog… can you tell me what the plant on the dresser is:)

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