Turn into fab in no time

Before I present today’s transformation, I would like to share two links, the first one is  about the courses on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint painting techniques. If you are in Denmark and would like to learn the wonders of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint read more about the courses here. The second one, just yesterday, I found this really unique and trendy blog while searching for palettes. For inspiration check out www.design-seeds.com great photography and great palettes, definitely worth paying a visit to Jessica and her blog.

Now, focus on todays transformation. Have a look at this find, a tall 70’s floor vase. You would give a penny for this right? well I did, and a little bid more than that! I liked the craving a lot and thought with a little bid of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it would probably turn into something nice.

100 ml Pure White and a full table spoon of Duck Egg Blue

I applied one coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax and


It is just as easy as it looks like.

Just bare in mind, when you paint on ceramic, drying time is longer. I left a day between coats and  also between the last coat and wax.

Keep it simple! 😉




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