So here I am again after Ledreborg lifestyle fair! It was a great experience to take part of this huge event, 21000 people visited the fair during the 4 days. So yes they kept us busy at the stand! Two days before the fair I received an e-mail from the organizers, which I liked a lot. It was a newsletter with an article introducing our company and the paint as a first time exhibitor. It just added a little extra spice to the pre-fair excitement. We did very well, sold lots of paint, wax, books, furniture and signs and ‘sowed a lot of seeds’ on hopefully future customers.

We  even got a few contacts really interested in becoming a retailer for our paint,  plus Ciruelo Interiors was featured by danish blog Design À la Camara with a great post with great pics!!! Tak søde Marianne! And last but not least, the sun shined for four days in a row. For those of you who live in Denmark, you know this is a luxury in this part of the world, so thanks to the sun for keeping the stamina up at all times!

..a quick transformation before the end of the first day!


This is my husband making history, he is painting! Although he is a pretty creative mind, he is very far away from being a handy man. Annie you are so right!! This is a paint for girls but men can use it too!!

My lunch most of the days during the fair from my favorite place in town Tango Delikatesser

To compensate for those four days of hard work, last weekend was instead all about family, friends, food, films and the Modern Family series, second round ( h i l a r i o u s), I had three guest from different places in the world staying over, plus two more families joined for BBQ on Sunday. Those days, the world seemed very small to me. It was the kind of crowded I like a lot. Thanks guys for a great time. 😉

The hard work has to continue, so more techniques, tutorials, and transformation on their way.

Until next post!!

Keep it simple




4 thoughts on “Crowded

  1. Hello Adri,

    So happy the Fair was such a great success for you. You work very hard and you deserved it.
    Glad you got to enjoy your family and it looks like some very good food! Enjoy it all.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. Adriana querida,
    me encanta verte tu creatividad, y que te halla ido tan bien en la feria
    !!! Un gran abrazo!!!!

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