From crap to fab Lamp Makeover

I guess I am not a person of traditions (unless there are presents involved 😉 ), so this post is not about Easter eggs, bunnies, chocolate, funny anonymous letters or yellow colour everywhere. I love Easter week of course just like everyone else and mostly because of the holiday time. I take this week as a gap to do tiding up starting from WITHIN myself and to do bonding with family and friends. Not that it is a routine but it always seen to be the right timing to do so.

After a very hectic month busy with the garage renovation and last weekends fair and workshop, I am almost done with the tiding up part for now and I will just keep on with the bonding for what is left of this week, this part I love! My kids are constantly melting my heart these days.

At the workshop last weekend, I did a lamp makeover, which people really liked, and I want to share it with you this week. I bought a table lamp column in a ‘trash municipality store’ (kommunekram in Danish) and during a visit to Ikea later that week, I bought the shade to match with the lamp.

I painted the column’s brass parts and the shade in Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey. Two coats and that was all. When you are done painting the lamp shade, do a test to check if the paint has covered the shade completely, just put the shade in place and turn the lamp on. If the paint didn’t reach some places, the light going through will let you know where. I actually finished the second coat while the shade was in place with the light on. It was much easier that way.

(Picture of the lamp at the stand during the fair)

New. I have changed my blog theme (layout) from ‘twenty eleven’ to ‘forever’ but I am not sure ‘forever’ will be forever (it never seems to be). I definitely need changes very often, although I like ‘forever’ a lot, so I might keep it for a good while. I am also listing the posts as gallery instead, which makes it easier for you to scan the blog faster. Hope you like it.

Happy Easter, God Påske, Feliz Semana Santa!

Until next post!!  Keep it simple!!



2 thoughts on “From crap to fab Lamp Makeover

  1. Hello Adri,

    LOVE the lamp restyle! I sell quite a few lamps in my shop..all painted of course.
    Another lovely post…hope you are well. I am a little exhausted from all our Annie Sloan excitement. Getting back to normal this week.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

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