Under Renovation Chic

I got so much to share, not sure where to start, maybe by saying you should be aware this post is about being all over the place! And wait that isn’t necessarily bad. My workshop is under serious renovation, what used to be the laundry room, the storage room and the garage will soon be exclusively a workshop and a boutique. So temporarily (not sure what that means but so far it has meant three weeks) I have been working in an improvised corner by the dining table, which is making some family members really nervous. Any way I am managing to progress slowly on new creations but faster on other projects. So I am still even.

I took two nicely shaped chairs and gave it a rough coat of Duck Egg Blue in those spots more prompt to eventually show the age and usage. Then I applied three coats of Pure White, this ‘colour’ is so far the Danes favourite, surprise surprise! I didn’t distress it dramatically, as I will let the day to day use do the job.  I sanded the chair all over to make the surface nice and smooth, I haven’t applied the wax yet, but I will do so soon. This might not be a very impressive transformation for many of you, and it is totally intentional, this is just to show that you don’t need to be the most creative person to enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint world. This is easy, simple and functional. Try it!

Since the entire house looks really messy these days, I had no more options than to do the photo shoot right there where all the renovations are going on. If you can make it ‘industrial chic’ you might as well make it ‘under renovation chic’, right?

The poster with a real woman, it is just me celebrating The International Women’s Day. Happy IWD to all you!

Moving into practical stuff, I got some great news for my American readers, Annie Sloan is visiting you guys soon check this out2012 Annie Sloan American Tour  if you are around don’t miss her.

As for my local readers, I got some news for you as well. Ciruelo Interiors is going to take part in two Lifestyle fairs. The first one in Roskildehallen 31st March and 1st April and the second one at Ledreborg Slot from 25th-28th May. Stay tuned I might have few give away tickets soon. Mark those days on your calendar and tell your friends; I will be there with a workshop, transformations, paintbrushes and litters of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!! – It will be fun.

Until next post, keep it simple




3 thoughts on “Under Renovation Chic

  1. Your chairs are lovely Adri! I am so excited about Annie’s visit here in the USA. I am headed to New Orleans…then back here to the Leesburg Event and then flying off to Boston to play with Annie again!! So much fun.

    Be well and good luck with your shows.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

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