Priceless Presents

Hello Everyone!! I bet everybody is already feeling the Christmas spirit in our homes and hearts.  Today’s post is about a very simple but special gift idea.  A couple of weeks ago I was already thinking about Christmas presents!!!   When you have small children it is pretty easy to be very creative. Grandparents, aunties and uncles, love handmade art by the little ones and of course children pictures!!

I bought three wooden frames at Søstrene Grene (A Danish low cost shop). The frames had a rather raw and rough wooden finish. They looked and were rather inexpensive. I painted the frames in three different colours. This time I chose Yellow Sienna, Scandinavian Pink and Old White. When the paint was completely dry. I applied clear wax and then antic wax. I didn’t distress the pieces this time. It really took no time to make this frame look great!!!

The raw and rough wood worked perfect with the paint. It gives the final finish a lot of texture and character to complement the frame a used a perfect smile! This is my little angel Joaquim! Everyone in the family is going to melt in front of this pic! Isn’t it a priceless present!!

Have a lovely time everyone!!

Until next post!



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