Blogging and connecting the dots

Blogging came to my life about two years ago through two of my friends from University. Both of them left their home country Colombia for work reasons. Lucia Beatriz moved to Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Maria de la Paz moved to Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Both of them created their blogs to share their histories from abroad! I really enjoy reading their blogs since I don’t get to see them so often.

Cbh 2010

At that time I thought it was interesting to share all sorts of usual or unusual personal thoughts and experiences on the web, but it never crossed my mind to do the same. 

Their blogs were the closest I got to blogging until 8 months ago.
When I was looking for some inspiration to take on my next project at home, I discovered Centsational Girl (fabulous for less), and just like that, scanning through her blog, I realized I wanted to create a business out of my hobby. Ciruelo Interiors was born.

amio logo

Next day searching more about DIY bloggers I  found Miss Mustard Seed, and it was through her blog I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! At the time I spend a couple of weeks regretting not living in Pennsylvania or around and not being able to buy the paint. Yes! I made the same mistake I have done many times, assuming something. I assumed DIY bloggers only use local suppliers and the paint was not available in Europe, but I was wrong. 

Octubre 041
Well, I got curious, and I googled Annie Sloan, to my amusement she lives in Oxford England! England my second home! this had to be a sign. I enrolled to her popular course in Oxford. At the time her closest stockist to Denmark was in Holland. Cheers to globalization! I placed an order and started to use the paint, and I fell for it!! I Created my own blog! Went to Oxford to learn some techniques from Annie Sloan herself. And fell even harder! I love this paint!

Here is one of my recent makeovers!


Agosto 077

Agosto 080

It does really make wonders! Don’t you agree?

I considered it was a shame not to have Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Denmark, so I talked business with Annie and her representative for the European market and yes!! I have become a stockist! Last week I got my first official order delivered, and here are my first 100 babies, aren’t they cute? jeje

Primera entrega 2011 002-1

Primera entrega 2011 001

Primera entrega 2011 006

Finally to sum up I would like to quote some of the many wise words Steve Jobs said during his life time. ‘Connecting the dots’ something you do backwards, when you have realized how a series of positive or negative events have lead you to where you are.  So this is as far as blogging has taken me by now, thanks to my two good friends and the inspiring blogs I read for getting me into this. Hopefully more exiting dots are still to come.

Off to work!




4 thoughts on “Blogging and connecting the dots

  1. Just found your blog. Lucky lucky you to meet Annie. I adore her chalk paint and only use it now on furniture and frames. I didn’t even know that I love transforming furniture and frames until several months ago. I have done quite a few pieces in my home and may start doing some to sell soon.

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