The Present

My mother in law got me in contact with a lady who also happens to paint furniture. So I went once to visit her and see her work, she was kind to share a lot of tips and trick and took me on a tour around her workshop. Among all the pieces she had, she found this old small commode:

..and she said straightaway: ‘take it  with you so you can practice’. And I just felt that by taking this piece with me I was making her a huge favour. Honestly!! It was sooo dusted, sooo old and sooo ugly!  It was hopeless! I thought the little commode was falling apart. Nevertheless I took it with me and when I got home, I cleaned it thoroughly  again and again, I sanded it and it began to show some sort of potential. The wood was solid, and it was not falling apart!   And in a matter of seconds, images of colours, papers and patterns flashed in my head. I got an idea.

I used a conventional off white water based paint. I didn’t know Annie Sloan Paints at the time.  I spray painted it, and trust me it is not easier that brush painting, at least not for a beginner like me. Spray paint can easily become a challenge when painting a small piece with many sides and corners.  


I gave it three coats of white, so as not to leave any trace of red. Then made some flowers across the drawers and ending at the top. I have to confess (in case you didn’t notice it), this is my first official hand painted detail on a furniture. And yes I know there is room for improvement but I like the idea worked out.  I guess I just have to keep practicing. Finally, I applied a mix of clear and antic wax for protection and to give the commode an older look, and that was it. I did not distress this one, because I didn’t want the red to show. I also covered every drawer’s bottom with a nice paper to contrast.  And cleaned the brass parts with tooth paste. I know I could have achieved a shinier look with a more professional procedure, but I wanted the brass to show some age and life, nothing wrong with that! Right?

So thank you very much for your present dear Henny!!! I got to clean, to be inspired, to paint, to learn and to have fun. I love it!!!


By the way I am traveling to England tomorrow to take part in a workshop with Annie Sloan.  I will be back with lots of inspiration and new techniques to share with all of you.  I can’t wait!

Have fun!



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