What is meant to be, will always find a way…

More than once my mom told me: “Whatever is meant for you, will be for you sooner or later” and it is until recently that I have accepted that it is actually true. And with that on mind, and realizing that I have studied many different subjects, worked in diverse fields, and dreamed with all sort of business without truly experience passion for something. As plain as it sounds, that’s the truth.

I have been doing furniture makeovers at home for the last five years. I started just before I moved from England to Denmark with my Danish husband and my growing belly –yes, I was also pregnant-. During the first years in Denmark I got the wonderful opportunity of, besides learning Danish :-S, use my time to do things that I really enjoy doing; such as sewing cushions, upholstering, buying my children furniture in lope markets and then painting them, and so on. One day my husband suggested I should be doing this for a living. I didn´t take him seriously, and instead carried on investing lots of time and energy figuring out where and how to enter the job market in this country. But suddenly, while searching on different blogs for inspiration to take on my next home project, it hit me. Out of the blue I realized I was ready for it and I came to terms with the fact  that this is something I want to do in life.  And finally I clearly understood that my mom was sooo right.

So I have started, and I have never before felt so right about what I do. I feel the excitement of doing what I enjoy and I am eager to share it you, to show the world my work. But I am also keen to learn more, to have lots of fun and get inspiration from the blogosphere. Join me and share with me the passion for hand painted furniture!

The Beginning


2 thoughts on “What is meant to be, will always find a way…

  1. Hello Adriana, I have enjoyed reading your blog and your adventures in painting and upholstering. You (and your Mum) are so right about the things that will happen in life are just there waiting for the right time. I also have recently started using Annie Sloan paints and it has opened up a whole new world for me. Luckily, I already had a few skills that I have been able to use in addition to those new ones I have learned. I am not likely to be able to get to a Annie Sloan workshop any time soon but I am sometimes able to pick up tips from other bloggers (and I love to see what other people have done) and thereby I make my furniture makeovers my own adventure too. Keep up the good work and Bon Courage.

    • Pat! Thanks for your comment, I just had a look at your bolg, It looks inspiring. I will add your link in my blog roll. I totally love painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I will share some techniques pretty soon, hopefully one you haven’t tried before. ;-))

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